NOCE Emergency Aid

The NOCE Emergency Aid initiative will help current NOCE students who face reduced financial resources due to COVID-19. NOCE will provide a food voucher for a local grocery store to qualifying NOCE students when available.

Emergency Aid Application 

  • Application Posted:
  • Application Due: 2021 Spring Semester dates to be announced 
  • Award Notification and Distribution:  Within two (2) weeks of application submissions. 

Program Benefits:

Students will receive aid such as food vouchers and other resources when available to help them stay enrolled and continue working towards their goals.

Invitations to workshops on NOCE and community resources to support students experiencing financial hardships.

Access to additional resources through Pathways of Hope, including food and basic needs/supplies, and service navigation.

Process to Apply:

Be a currently enrolled NOCE student.

Submit an application at:

Confirm the need is due to unforeseen financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)