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Why See an NOCE Counselor?

Counselors can help you get the most out of your education. We recommend that NOCE students see a counselor at least three times.

  1. As a new student during your first term at NOCE, you will create a Student Educational Program Plan (SEPP) during your first visit. We will help you set a timeline and answer your questions.
  2. As a continuing student, halfway through your program, you can review or revise your SEPP. This is a good time to check your progress and set future goals.
  3. Near the end of your program. Meet with a counselor to complete an Application for Program Completion Form (if required). We will help you create a transition plan to college or your future career.

How to Make a Counselor Appointment

Counseling and Student Services is offering in-person and remote support.
Advanced appointments for in-person counseling are recommended.

  • Walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis when staff is available. 
  • We recommend you call ahead before your visit to confirm hours and staff availability. 

Students can call (714) 808-4682 or e-mail to make an appointment with a counselor or for orientation assistance. (Student ID is required to make an appointment, please include your student ID number and phone number when emailing.)

Programs We Help With:

Counseling and Student Services Offerings:

  • What to expect during your counseling appointment
    • Counseling appointments will be available in person, over the phone, and through online video meetings. You will be given a choice when scheduling your appointment.
    • If you choose a phone appointment, at the time of your appointment, you will see a call come to your phone with the area code 714. Please know that it is your counselor calling you, and you should accept the call.  
    • Once the counselor begins the appointment, your counselor may suggest connecting through Zoom for your counseling appointment. You can choose to have your camera on or off during the session.   
    • It may help to have your laptop or PC ready for the appointment, and your questions are written down to ask your counselor. 
  • What is Orientation?

    Once you apply to NOCE and have your Banner ID (Student ID) and your PIN, you can log into the myGateway student portal. Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the “Student Links” section to access your program’s orientation. View a step-by-step guide or video: 

    New students in the programs below need to complete an orientation to register for classes: 

    • Career Technical Education (orientation is posted in myGateway) 
    • Disability Support Services (orientation is provided by the counselor at intake) 
    • English as a Second Language (orientation is located in myGateway) 
    • High School Diploma Program (orientation is posted in myGateway)

    The online orientation introduces students to the following: 

    • NOCE program requirements 
    • Academic policies 
    • Student support services 
    • An overview of each campus 
    • Tips for success 
  • What is a Student Educational Program Plan?

    A Student Educational Program Plan (SEPP) is an important tool to help students reach their academic goals. 

    Counselors provide personalized advice to help you to complete your program. You will work with your counselor to develop an educational plan, that includes the courses and length of time needed to complete your program. 

    When building a SEPP, counselors review the following: 

    • Your personal timeline  
    • Short and long-term college/career goals 
    • Course load preferences

    Any questions or concerns will be answered during the first appointment.  You are encouraged to schedule a follow-up appointment if your SEPP or academic/career goals change. You will be given a copy of your SEPP for reference, or you can access it anytime through myGateway (and accessing DegreeWorks).  

    DegreeWorks. Students can access and create their own SEPP using the online tool known as DegreeWorks which can be accessed through myGateway

    For a step-by-step guide, see the option below or follow the link below for a PDF version.  

  • How to view/print your Student Education Program Plan (SEPP)

    Step 1:

    Go to the NOCE homepage at The top right of the NOCE homepage where the myGateway logo lives

    At the very top of the homepage, click on the MyGateway icon.
    (Example to your right, the MyGateway icon is circled in red).

    Or go to


    Step 2:

    Log onto MyGateway with your MyGateway ID (also known as your Banner/Student ID) and your password.

    Example of the MyGateway homepage login section

    Don’t know your MyGateway ID?
    Click on the “Forgot username?” button on the MyGateway site. The myGateway "Forgot Username" button example

    Don’t know your password?
    Click on the “Forgot password?” button on the MyGateway site. The myGateway "Forgot Password" button example


    Step 3:

    The myGateway left side menu exampleClick on the Student link on the left-hand side of your MyGateway homepage.








    Step 4:

    Once the Student page loads, find the Student Links box on the left-hand side of the page. Click on the NEW! DegreeWorks Educational Plan link.

     Mygateway degreeworks example


    Step 5:

    Once on the DegreeWorks page, click on the Plans tab to see your most current educational plan.

    Degreeworks plans tab example


    Step 6:

    On the View: section, click on the drop-down menu and select Notes. Degreeworks adding notes example



    Step 7:

    To print or save as a PDF, click Print on the bottom right corner. 

    Please Note: Make sure that your “pop-up blocker” is not enabled. A new window will pop up. Click on “Print” on the top right corner. If you want a paper copy, click “Print.” Or to save a copy change your choice to the “Save” option and choose the file type “.pdf” When you click on the print button, another window will pop up asking you where you would like to save your SEPP.

  • Counseling Information

    The NOCE Counseling and Student Services Department have counseling professionals available to provide a variety of services: 

    • Education Planning: Your Student Educational Program Plan (SEEP) gives you a plan to complete all the classes in your program on time. NOCE counselors can help you plan courses and track your progress.
    • Career Counseling: NOCE counselors can help you prepare to go to college after you complete your program.
    • College Information: Students who wish to apply to a community college or university can meet with an NOCE counselor. Your counselor will discuss your options. Once your noncredit courses and/or program is completed, your counselor will help prepare you for your transition.
    • Adult College and Career Transition (ACCT): Get resources to support your college or workforce transition. Learn more, visit the Adult College and Career Transitions page.
    • Goal Setting: Earn a diploma. Learn English. Get a better job. NOCE counselors can help you set and meet educational goals.
    • Referral to Disability Support Services: Get accommodations at school. Whether you need extra time for tests or help with notetaking, we offer academic support for students with disabilities.
    • Personal Counseling and Community Referrals: NOCE counselors can talk about basic personal issues affecting a student’s educational progress. NOCE counseling is not the same as seeking personal counseling for mental or emotional health problems. However, referrals for these types of services can be provided to students.   
  • Grad Check

    Students completing a CTE certificate program or the High School Diploma program need to meet with a counselor to ensure they have met the requirements for their program and to prepare for graduation.

    During this grad check meeting, your counselor will help you complete the application to receive your program certificate. This will also be an opportunity to talk about your plans after graduation and determine if you need additional support to transition to work or college. Participating in our annual commencement ceremony is not a requirement, but it’s a great way to celebrate your achievement with classmates, family and friends. After graduation, your certificate will be mailed to you. 

Academic Counseling Videos