Earn Your High School Diploma With NOCE! 

NOCE high school diplomas are issued to adult learners, 18 years of age and older. Take the next step with us!

The NOCE High School Diploma Program operates as an open-entry lab where students work individually and at their own pace on various required subjects. All labs have instructors and staff members to assist students with completing their courses.

  • Be a graduate
  • Earn more money
  • Get a better job
  • Transition to college

Ready to Take the Next Step?

For more information on how to register, please visit the High School Diploma Registration page.

High School Diploma Program Format 

The NOCE High School Diploma offers an environment for students to work at their own pace and provides support students as they work on their courses. The NOCE High School Diploma Program is offered at no cost to students, in an open lab setting: 

Students attend on their own time (Day, Evening, or Both) during flexible hours. 
Students have access to free textbooks, and learning materials provided for use in class.  
Students work at their own pace. 
Students receive in-time academic support.  
Students may be referred by their high school faculty to work with tutors free of charge. 

Five Advantages to Obtaining a High School Diploma 

1. Higher Wages →

High school diploma or GED/HiSET earners make 50% more per year on average than non-high school diploma or GED/HiSET earners.

2. Employment →

More and more employers are now requiring a high school diploma or GED/HiSET for employment or advancement on the job.

3. College →

Going to college doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream! At NOCE, you can obtain your high school diploma or GED/HiSET and transition to college. Our counselors can help you create a Student Educational Plan to meet your goals at NOCE and beyond.

4. Meet Lifelong Friends →

People of all backgrounds and ages attend NOCE’s High School Diploma/GED/College Preparation Program. Come and meet new people and gain lifelong friends!

5. Pride →

Earning your high school diploma or GED/HiSET is a great achievement! It takes dedication and hard work, but once accomplished, your high school diploma or GED/HiSET will open the door to your future.