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NOCE’s Management Certificate trains students for a manager promotion. If you enjoy being in an office environment, working with customers, and managing a team, enroll today! 

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The Business Management Certificate Program will prepare students for first-line supervisory or management positions. Students will learn management principles and develop basic skills in decision-making, problem-solving, planning, organizing, speaking, and writing. The course sequence builds a knowledge base to enhance effectiveness on the job through topics such as leadership development, business law, finance, negotiations, marketing, and more.

What You’ll Learn

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Careers in management spread across multiple industry sectors, including healthcare, finance, food and hospitality, construction, information technology, retail, etc. Managers are generally responsible for directing the activities of employees, overseeing business operations such as the budget, accounting, and purchasing, engaging in strategic planning and decisions making processes, and promoting employee productivity.

Career Highlights and Opportunities

  • English language – reading, writing, and speaking skills usually at or above an ESL (English as a Second Language) Intermediate High level
  • Reading Comprehension – Reading work-related information 
  • Coordination – Changing what is done based on other people’s actions 
  • Monitoring – Keeping track of how well people and/or groups are doing in order to make improvements 
  • Active Listening – Listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions 

The Management Certificate Program prepares students for a variety of entry-level management positions. Many of the students entering this program take the certificate to gain a promotion within their current job.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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What I love the most about NOCE is the sense of community and inclusion that every single student and employee emanates. NOCE has been there for me at the right time, filling in the gaps of my education that I needed to continue my path. Melina Wulin
CTE Program Graduate – NOCE Student Leader & Management Certificate Program