Build Your English Skills

Learn to speak English. Improve your writing. Prepare for the workplace. Grow your computer skills. Take a free English as a second language (ESL) course at NOCE.

Start class anytime and learn at your own pace. New classes are starting soon.

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Before enrolling, we will test your current English language skills. This test helps you start in the correct course level. After the test, you can take individual ESL classes or follow a program. Earn up to three certificates:

  • Beginning
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Academic Success

Why ESL at NOCE?

Multiple Class Levels – Beginner? More advanced? There’s a class for you. We offer six levels of courses focused on areas such as writing and reading.
Specialty Classes – Join a conversation class, perform poetry or one-act plays, or focus on grammar. These specialty classes will help you advance your English skills.
College Preparation – Enroll in Academic Success to prepare for college-level classes. Special focus on academic writing. You’ll be ready for college and other academic options such as high school diploma/GED or career certificate programs.
Computer Skills – Practice using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Navigate the Internet. Develop keyboarding skills. We’ll help you learn the basics of computers at the same time as you are advancing your English skills.
Academic Counselors – Counselors are available to talk to, guide you, and assist you with developing an educational plan to meet your goals!

Start Learning English 

Enroll in the ESL Program. Classes and support available to help you succeed.

A close-up headshot of ESL Program Graduate Samar Abbasher
I was the first student to arrive on campus, I spent time in the Learning Center after class, and I finished at the top of my Academic Success Program class at the NOCE Cypress Center! Samar Abbasher
ESL Program Graduate