Free English Classes & U.S. Citizenship Preparation

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Are you looking to improve your English skills or prepare for the U.S. Citizenship test? At NOCE, we offer free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults 18 and older.  

Start class anytime and learn at your own pace with in-person and online classes! 

A 2019 ESL class

Types of ESL Classes

At your convenience, you can take day or evening classes at one of NOCE’s main campuses (Anaheim, Cypress, and Fullerton) or go to a community site near you (churches, elementary schools, community centers).

ESL classes are offered online and in-person. NOCE also offers various specialty classes to assist you in reaching your unique goals:

Why Learn English? 

Get a Better Job and Earn More Money – Increase your job opportunities as a bilingual speaker and earn more for your family. 
Earn a Degree – Get your high school diploma, career certificate, or college degree as a fluent English speaker. 
Make New Friends – Expand your social network. Speak in English with your children and their teachers. Communicate with your doctors and co-workers. Fit in with your new friends! 
Achieve Your Goals – Learning English takes dedication and determination. Achieve your goals and enjoy new opportunities.
Use Technology – We will help you learn English through technology. Learn how to get an e-mail or type your resume and search for jobs online.  

ESL Off-site Locations

A headshot photo of Elsa Osgood
I moved to the U.S. from Peru with my three children. I worked around the clock, taking care of my family, working, going to nursing school, and learning English at NOCE. My hard work paid off – I became fluent in English and a Certified Nursing Assistant. Now, I’m studying to become a pharmacist! Elsa Osgood
ESL Program Graduate