Practice Your English Language Skills at the ESL Learning Centers!

ESL Learning Centers are available for all ESL Program students needing extra practice with the English language or homework help. We also help students with their online classes.

A class photo of students taking notes.

ESL Students Can:

Learn at your own pace – The ESL Learning Centers have flexible hours, and guidance by experienced and professional teachers.

Focus on skills that you need to work on – Whether you need to focus on conversation, grammar, reading, or writing, the ESL Learning Center can help improve those skills.

Technology resources – You can get assistance setting up your online classes, including creating an e-mail address. The ESL Learning Center also has technology resources to help you learn and practice English, including Azar, Burlington English, and Rosetta Stone.

Interact with other students – The ESL Learning Center allows you to participate in small group activities to improve your language skills and practice interacting with others. 

Explore American idioms and culture – Learn about typical expressions or phrases used daily and about American culture.

Each Learning Center is an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Hours are flexible—spend as much time as you need when the Learning Center is open. We are here to help and are available online throughout the semester. You can view the latest ESL Learning Center Schedule for Learning Center updates. 

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ESL Learning Center Schedule

For the latest semester schedule for the ESL Learning Centers, view the Learning Center Schedule today.